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Global Game Jam 2022 - Duality

Hex-based Tower-Defense where every tile you place can turn against you. Build your kingdom during the day and defend yourself against hordes of enemies trying to take back your world at night.

Official Discord :  https://discord.gg/36XwXfujuk


Mouse to play and WASD/Arrows to pan the camera.

Made By

Thomas Denis

Louis Valet

Maxime Catel

Tanguy Gringoire

Clara Coolen


Music by Kevin MacLeod

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorThomas Denis
TagsBoard Game, ggj2022, ggj22, Hex Based, Tower Defense


FlipsideKingdom.7z 29 MB


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This game is easy but interesting! However, I usually get an instant game over if towers close to my castle turn against me. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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Wow! The game is really fun.

My best try is 90 days. It's really accomplishing.

However, I think the game can be better than it is now. I list some suggestions or troubles below( some of them are form other comments ).

1.       Main menu and option interface may be helpful.

2.       For the UI of game, I think 

a)       the day we survived

b)      the number of tiles that will turn today

c)       the money we have

d)      the tile we need to put today

can be shown on the top of the window. When I put tile on the boundary, I have to go back to the castle to check.

3.       The most important place—— the tile very close to the castle—— is decided in the first few days. As the days we survived increase, the enemies in a tile increase too. So, when  the tiles adjacent to the castle turn against you in later stage, it's hard to make enough defense.

To solve this, we can make change on tile (seen in 4.c and 4.d)

4.       suggestions about tile

a)     I don't know whether the mountain has BUG or not. Though it doesn't turn, it doesn't stop enemies.

b)    Now we can only use forest to improve the castle, and I'm not sure whether forest can increase the max HP. If not, let forest do so may be a choice. 

c)     I think church is useless now. Put church around low-risk tiles like prairie is meaningless. If you put it around important place like the tower closest to castle, when it turns means game over.

I suggest change the effect of church like this:

                                 i.            It prevents adjacent tiles from turning , not including itself and other church adjacent it.

                               ii.            If a church turns, all churches in the map turns.

                             iii.            Its enemy’s HP will add the sum HP of enemies the church prevents.

d)    Making an upgrade system is also fun. For example, we can use money to upgrade castle. We can use money to make castle to shoot more arrows( the cost can  grow exponentially ), or prevent tiles around castle from turning ( can set a max distance, 2 or 3 ).

e)     Make the attack range of tower a little wider. Three tiles are in a line like this:

Left [ (the tile enemies on) (a tile or empty) (tower)] Right

If enemies are on the left side, the tower can’t shoot them, but if enemies in the center can.

f)      Now we have only two defenses: castle and tower. They are both arrow tower, so we can add new defense tower type——turret. Its attack frequency is less than arrow tower, but its damage range is about 1/4 tile.

5.       Wish there will be more type of tiles and enemies.

6.       Wish at least one of way can move the map:

a)     Put mouse pointer on the boundary of window

b)    Holding down right mouse button

7.       If the tiles that will turn today aren’t in the window, maybe show a red arrow in the boundary is a good idea.

8.       Optimize the computation of enemies’ behavior. Sometimes they stay in a tile and disappears. Sometimes enemies on different tiles start in different time, and they get together, make the defense harder. (Tower has less time to attack)

9.       When there is a large amount of fields or other files which need settlement, it costs long time.

(I’m not a native speaker. If I don’t express clearly, I’m sorry and will try my best to explain.)

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What shoud i do while seeing 'creating 7-zip extractor:opening 7-zip library:could not initialize libc7zip'?

Extract the file with 7-zip:  https://www.7-zip.org/

The idea of adding action to an existing healing game is great. I never thought of it that way.

So, I downloaded the game, but it seems to be unplayable for some reason.

how do i play


Daaamn! For a jam game, incredibly fun and addictive!

Feels like Rogue Tower mixed with Catan or Dorfromantik. Which is great, as I love all of these games.

With some work, I can easily see it becoming a commercial product I would gladly pay for, and spend hours playing.

One complaint: having to use keys to move around the map is cumbersome; it should be possible to move by holding the right mouse button, as well as by putting the cursor on the edge of the screen.

Dude, great game, the only thing i would like to see is a little more variety of turrets, enemies and ,please, change the placement of the indicator of movements and coins. 

Anyways, i loved the game

Great game with lots of potential! 
You have to think strategically where to place your tiles and what are adjacent to them.
I love the duality day/night, good/bad. And I really like when game components have more than one use to them!
But after a while, it can became a little repetitive... I wish there were more types of tile, more types of enemies, some kind of goal/waves. But as I said: there's potential to make it better than it already is.
It gave more than one hour of fun! Thank you for that!
Good job!

Amazing tower defense game! ❤️


in its current state the game Flipside Kingdom is already a lot of fun!

and i'm looking forward to how this game will devellop!

i have a few little suggestion what i would like to see added/changed.

first the most obvious things:  this game needs a main menu and more importantly an options menu. as much as i like the sounds and music, i want to be able to turn them off.

second, please add more new tiles with higher prizes. in my last game i earned about 400 gold per turn and had saved up over 3000 gold, i had nothing noteworthy to spend it on...
also, the towers are too rare to get. that last run had no towers till day four and only a total of maybe 15 towers in the whole game of over 25 days.

i hope you also add some kind of upgrade system, at least for the more important tiles. more interesting synagies would also be very much apprecieted. something like a triangle of towers turning into a big tower with extra range and powers.
another idea is the ability to change already placed tiles. maybe for a hefty prize of 1000 gold or a hard limit per match.

and last but not least, bugs. i encountered three so far: some of the monsters don't start moving from their tile and just disappear instead.not sure if the disappearence is your solution to the not-moving issue but it happened enough times to be worthy of commenting about. second, the mountains didn't spawn any monsters when flipped. and third, at some point the tiles behaved weirdly when holding/dragging them with the mouse around the map. instead of just moving and turning only slightly, they freak out and turn wildly in random directions. once one started, all subsequently dragged tiles also freaked out. luckily, placing them in the hand or on the map stopped the odd behavior, of that specific piece at least.
and while this is not really a bug, i noticed that the income calculation slows down noticeably the longer it needs to calculate, in other words, the more fields and stuff it has to go through, the slower it gets at starting the animation for the next tile.

and now with that wall of text out of the way, only one thing left to say:

keep up the good work! this game is awesome!

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The Game is really fun and something i feel has alot of potential, Unfortunately it also has some problems.

I kept having a bug where enemies would just get stuck on the tile they spawned and would just march in place and then die randomly, The game also lags for some unknown reason as you get a bit further into the game which is quite frustrating as by that point you have built a kingdom you are quite attached to and want to keep expanding.

A little more variation would also be greatly appreciated, the small number of tiles means the game very quickly gets repetitive and you quickly run out of things worth spending money on, Perhaps a way to upgrade tiles to make them more efficient while also makin them more dangerous if they turn would be good? As it would give you something to spend money on later in the game when you have coins to burn.

I really really like the idea and i hope you do keeping working on it and giving it the polish it deserves 


The game is a lot of fun, needs some work to fix issues though.

Churches and altars doesn't do anything, or I didn't find them doing anything.

Also the monsters stays stationary after you get like in day 40something. Also it starts to lag at around the same time. And  that really kills it's replay value, like it's boring to watch them die stationary...

Also at some point you start earn so much gold that it becomes useless. Maybe things could come more expensive to place each round. Maybe even remove the free tiles after some 20ish days have passed?

Music is nice, though there could be some variations and options menu to control its and game sound volume would be nice addition.

I would also like to be able to zoom in and out by using mouse scroll.

And some leaderboards to keep track your records would be nice too.

Game is 6/10 in this current state. But it have potential to be much, much better.

after a few tries i made it 13 days. it’s a lot of fun :) there was one graphical glitch i had, after a few days when placing a tile it would tend to jerk around and spin rather than stay flat to the board

Nice little game ! I managed to survive some weeks by giving only one access to my castle and putting tower by the sides. 

Does anyone know why I am unable to download this game? There is nothing in the dropbox menu for install.

The build wasn't assigned to a particular platform, it should work now!

Yeah, it works now. Thank you!


Love your game but I feel like the altar and the churches is not doing what it is suppose to. I had 10 around an area but never got fliped or got evil. Maybe take up the chances  for that. Thx. Very cool game tbh.

This seems like a project I would like to follow and participate :)

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20 days, gg! Would love to see a full game. The maze strategy was the only thing that worked out for me. Too bad since it kills the "world building" aspect of the game. But the core concept is really enjoyable, gj!


The game is great idea. AI need to improve though. The RGN is too much some game, there should be guarantee a tower in the first 5 wave (randomly get in the first 5 wave). Should add the progress day display between the play. Overall is fun to play with. Not sure about mountain, if there is no path they will walk pass right?

Mountain just makes them walk around the edge of the tile.


Cute game.


I am now well beyond day 200 in a game.

The game becomes extremely slow.

And the monsters no longer aim for the castle but either, do not move at all, or, wander around in random directions, including running away from the castle.

A screenshot from that game:

That's pretty impressive, good job! and yeah we're aware of that, seems like they're bugged when there are too many of them. I guess we didn't predict people reaching that far in the game :D We'll fix it when we make it into a full game. Thanks for playing!


Do you have a mailing list?

Yeah, I ended up with basically same strat, except my tower line was slightly more removed, with a few in the path leading to it, because the enemies hug the edge of the tile, so the opposite line can't really hit them. Surprised they are able to handle it when your first towers get corrupted. I guess the path is just long enough. That's some good starting RNG!

Really cool game. Any chance there is a Github Repo for this to have a look at on how you've built it in Unity?


Can this be compiled for Linux?

I was able to run it with Proton through steam compatibility support. Though, the there were graphical glitches while placing tiles. Also, the game was pretty slow this way. So a native Linux experience would be highly appreciated <3

Great game!  You should put out a Udemy course on building this game - I'd be into that


yo! This game is SO GOOD! Please keep working on it! As a lover of tower defense games this is easily one of the most unique takes on the TD genre. Being able to build out your own path but also have the rng elements of where the enemies spawn is so good! Thank you for making this and please keep this game going. And if you do please reply with your discord, Twitter, or any social medias so I can keep up with it!

A little bit about myself! I’m Yung MuShu. I’m a content creator on YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube I do gameplay and reviews of everything indie and itchio while on Twitch I’m a variety streamer meaning I play anything and everything as long as I find it fun! If you like the review please let me know!


This is such a good game. I'm pretty sure you'll win the Montreal Game Jam with this. Good job!